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Bathtub Re-Glazing

The Tub Doctor’s qualified technicians can re-glaze your bathtub in just a few hours and make it like it’s brand new again. The products we use have been tried and tested for over 30 years. Our high quality coatings can be applied to your tub in approximately 4 – 5 hours that will extend the life of your tub.

The Tub Doctor’s techs will isolate your bathroom to prevent any dust from spreading to other areas of your house and exhaust the dust to the outside. They will remove the old caulking, repair any small chips and scratches, clean the tub thoroughly, apply a primer/etch, and finally apply the finish coat. The bright white finish will be dry in approximately 2 hours. They will then re-apply the caulking to give you a beautiful finished, like-new bathtub.

Although bright-white is the most preferred colour, a large selection of colors are available.

Tub ReGlaze
Tile ReGlaze

Wall Tile Re-Glazing

The Tub Doctor can apply the same coating as the bathtub, to the wall tile, utilizing the same basic method as in the tub re-glazing. The amazing results of this refinishing is that you now have a finish that covers up the grout lines as well as the tile. You still keep the look of the tile, but those “hard to clean” grout lines are now much easier to look after. This will enhance the whole bathroom and it will give you the look of a total renovation.

Safety Step-Ins

One of the leading causes of injuries to seniors or persons with disabilities is bathtub accidents. Attempting to step into the bathtub can cause serious falls.

The Tub Doctor can install a safety step-in at a cost that most seniors can afford, without having to make major, costly bathroom renovations. We can convert your existing bathtub into a step-in at a fraction of the cost installing one of those expensive walk-in tubs.  The convertible apparatus can be added or taken out, which allows the tub to be used as a bathtub or walk-in shower.

Until now the only option for our seniors or the disabled is that expensive walk-in tub that most of you or your loved ones cannot afford. Now, in a three to four hour installation, we can improve the quality of life and safety that our seniors deserve.

Floor Coating

Our team at smart bath is pleased to announce a new service to our existing. We are pleased to offer floor tile coating for bathrooms and kitchens. The new tile coating products are scuff and scratch resistant and will save demolition required to replace the tiles at an affordable cost. Please call us to schedule a free estimate!


Anti-Slip Bottom: We can apply an anti-slip surface to the tub bottom that will eliminate the need for a bath mat. (Bath mats are not recommended for use in a re-glazed or even a brand new tub.)

Anti-Slip Mat: In an instance where the bottom tub is damaged, and anti-slip mat can be installed as an affordable option.
Grab Bars: We have a variety go grab bars to match your custom bathroom preferences. 

Lift and Turn Drain Adapter: Invariably, the tub drain is your “trouble spot” in your new tub and can look rusted or worn. The Tub Doctor can give you a brand new adjustable drain and overflow cover to give the tub a completely finished look.


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